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Domestic Burglar Alarm Installation

Protect Your Valuables with a Burglar Alarm System

Protect your home and family with custom burglar alarm installations in London. Choose between wired or wireless systems and gain peace of mind with our range of security services and devices. From basic to smart home systems, we have you covered. Contact us today for a personalized solution.

For homes lacking pre-installed wiring, wireless systems offer a seamless alternative. Bid farewell to drill and wiring dilemmas; our wireless solutions are ideal for renters, historical homes, or modern properties alike.

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Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Discover the convenience and versatility of wireless burglar alarm systems. Say goodbye to drilling holes and wiring with this attractive solution for renters, historic homes, and new builds. Keep your home safe and secure without the hassle of a wired system.

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Wired Burglar Alarm Systems

Upgrade your home security with a hardwired burglar alarm system from SatFocus. Avoid the hassle of changing batteries and reduce maintenance costs. Let us help with professional installation and hidden cabling options.

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Layers of Security Solutions

Discover the layers of security solutions for your home with a comprehensive home security system. Just like an onion, each additional device adds an extra layer of protection. Keep an eye on your home while you’re away with added cameras. Get peace of mind with layers of security.Upgrade your home’s security with glass break detectors, pet-immune motion detectors, and asset protection devices for valuables. Stay connected with cameras accessible from your smartphone. Peace of mind is just a few additions away

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How It Works

Our integrated solutions offer remote control and monitoring via smartphones, ensuring your peace of mind regardless of your location.

Layered Security

A small system comprises of a control panel, break glass call point and sounders and some automatic detectors.


From remote controls to smartphone integration, SatFocus AV and Security prioritizes user convenience.

Feel Secure

SatFocus Audio Visual Security specializes in professional, reliable alarm systems trusted by millions across the UK.

Our Additional Services

Burglar Alarm Upgrade /Repair/ Replace old Alarm Systems in London and Surrounding areas.


Our team specializes in upgrading old alarm systems to the latest, cutting-edge smart alarms.


We are ready to offer expert repair services for all mentioned alarm system models very quickly and efficiently.


Instead of investing in outdated technology, consider replacing to the latest alarm systems for optimal security.

Here To Help Your Every Day Protect Need.

Stop worrying about security problems. Focus on your activities. Let us provide the support you deserve.