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Commercial Door Entry System

Enhance staff and visitor access management with modern commercial keyless door entry systems.

These cutting-edge systems provide a secure method to regulate entry and exit from your premises. Our primary objective is to assist businesses in efficiently and securely managing the flow of staff and visitors.Implementing a well-designed commercial keyless door entry system enables you to mitigate the risks associated with lost keys and the expenses of replacing door locks. Traditional keys pose not only the risk of being lost but also the potential for unauthorized duplication, introducing additional security concerns for your business. Our comprehensive range of door entry systems encompasses:

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door entry systems

Our systems offer a wide range, including audio and video capabilities, featuring visual identification on the most advanced models.

Both door entry and access control panels are versatile, allowing standalone installation or seamless integration with existing security systems.

Access control systems necessitate either a code input or the use of a security fob to unlock doors or gates.

Door entry systems require homeowners to grant permission via video or audio connection to individuals attempting to enter the property.

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Deter Unwanted Trespasses

Effectively reduce unauthorized access and deter trespassers from entering your premises.

Enhance Security Measures

Mitigate the risk of theft, vandalism, or other security threats, ensuring the safety of your property and assets.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with necessary regulations governing access control and security measures.

gate automation
Boost Productivity and Safety

Improve operational efficiency and safety around your property by implementing effective access control measures.

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An array of other systems employs distinct mechanisms

wireless variants utilize audio-visual verification with minimal wiring requirements. Access seekers communicate with individuals on the other end verbally or visually to gain entry.

Wireless Entry Systems

Predominantly used in commercial settings, proximity readers are a common type of door entry system. Users can gain access by swiping a card or wearing a sensor-based tag, which can be deactivated or replaced easily for security purposes.These systems offer high safety with customizable verification mechanisms and relatively affordable pricing.

Proximity Readers

Video door entry systems, also known as video intercoms or video door phones, operate as standalone intercom systems facilitating communication between personnel at an entrance and those inside a facility, whether it’s a factory or a residential unit. Verification in these systems relies on visual identification by security personnel or residents, granting access upon confirmation of identity.While providing enhanced safety, video door entry systems rely on human verification processes.

Video Door Entry Systems

Leveraging physical and biological attributes for identity verification, biometric systems employ methods like retinal scans, fingerprints, or handprints in conjunction with other entry systems for maximum security.

Biometric Door Entry Systems

Audio door entry systems, akin to their video counterparts, rely solely on audio verification, requiring access seekers to communicate verbally with security personnel or residents for entry.

Audio Door Entry Systems

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