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Elevate Your Entrance: Tailored Gate Automation Solutions with Satfocus

Embark on a journey with us as we craft, set up, and upkeep gate automation systems tailored precisely to your entry and exit needs, incorporating access control and intercoms as per your premises’ specifications.

Rest assured, as a Gatesafe registered installer, we prioritize safety as a fundamental feature, not merely an add-on.

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Why Choose SatFocus for Gate Automation Service?

SatFocus Security Solutions offers a tailored gate automation service, delivering dependable, secure, and cost-efficient solutions for your property.

Whether it’s for commercial, residential, industrial, or public premises, our seasoned team boasts extensive experience handling projects of varying types, sizes, and complexities. From initial consultation and design to installation and maintenance, our experts oversee every aspect, ensuring a comprehensive, top-notch service with unmatched outcomes.

With SatFocus Security Solutions, you’re guaranteed a robust, convenient, and budget-friendly system that not only functions effectively but also adds aesthetic value, seamlessly blending with the property’s design and surroundings

gate automation

You can install it to secure your Commercial Properties.....

gate automation

Heightened security for staff and property.

gate automation

Increased privacy assurance.

gate automation

Positive impression for visitors

Cost-effective & efficient solution.


Prevents unauthorized access

Convenient automation saves time.

Advanced Gate Automation Options

Swing Gates

These gates function like traditional doors, offering a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution that doesn’t require much space. It is a cost-effective solution.

Sliding Gates

Operating along rails or wheels, these gates slide open and shut, ideal for smaller or oddly shaped entrances, conserving space compared to swing gates.

Cantilever Gates

Unlike sliding gates, these gates use wheels on the upper section, allowing them to “hang” rather than run along the ground, making them suitable for areas with uneven surfaces where tracks aren’t feasible.

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